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I totally understand your

I totally understand your frustration about the AJ fans!

Widespread foolishness is a major problem everywhere, even with people who have most of the right facts but have no WISDOM.

There is almost NO WISDOM anywhere these days, just lots of information and people throwing it out there with no thought to who they're talking to and what they sound like to them.

EVEN IF George Bush himself flew the planes into the WTC by remote control, THAT IS THE WRONG THING to start a conversation with someone about. Period.

Most people will think you are psychotic and report you to the nearest mental ward, so DON'T DO IT.

Start with something that people can see with their own 2 eyes, like a dollar with "Federal Reserve Note" printed on the top (all dollars have that on them). Then you can lead them step by step through the logical process of asking what the FED does to our money and how they are able to loan money to governments and corporations at our expense (through inflation of the money supply), and how we and our children are on the hook to pay it back with interest while dealing with a weak economy and an overbearing government.

THAT is enough to get most people's attention, get them interested in finding out more. Before too long they will be motivated to oppose the Federal Reserve's continued power over our economy and government. THAT is what we want to accomplish in order to stop the wars, the police state, the GMO foods, the continuing recession, the New World Order, the false flag attacks, a new holocaust, etc, whatever thing that would happen in the future (including things that people dismiss as "conspiracy theories").

There's not enough THINKING going on with too many people in the liberty movement. We can't just "be right" about things and expect people to hear us out and believe it all at once, we also have to "be wise" about how we explain things in order to be successful in converting people.

Simply shouting things at someone is like beating them over the head with words, it doesn't "wake them up", it just makes them think you're a thug or a lunatic.

STOP THAT and START THINKING about the person you're trying to reach.