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Actually they do have rules

Actually they do have rules and they do follow their rules. To the majority it LOOKS like they do not follow rules, but that's because the majority does not understand how their rules work, it is ignorance that gives the appearance that they do not follow their rules. Now certainly there are INDIVIDUALS among them that violate the rules. But as a whole they do indeed make it a point to follow their rules. Agreements gives authority, and it has LONG been established in Men's law that "silence" gives your consent. If you have not notified them that you do NOT agree, then you have been SILENT, you consent.

If you receive a credit card in the mail that you did not ask for, then you take it to the store and use it, then you have consented to the FULL term of the agreement with the credit card company. It does not matter that you did not ask for the card, it does not matter that you've never read the terms of agreement. If you did not want the card then you should not have used it, and you should not have remained silent to your claim that you did not want it. You now own the burdens of the agreement because you took advantage of the benefit.

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