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Comment: I'm not a fan of Alex Jones

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I'm not a fan of Alex Jones

Since I'm not a fan of AJ, and still harbor resentment over his mistreatment of Dr. Paul because Dr. Paul isn't sufficiently rabid, I avoided the Piers video. But the colossal hatred against AJ motivated me to watch the interview. It didn't occur to me that AJ was out of control as I watched the clip. Intemperate maybe. But it's not like he went over and punched Piers--something he probably deserves.

The idea that one guy in one TV segment can doom the liberty movement is ludicrous. Your rant is internally divisive, which is far worse to the movement than merely some guy who happens to be a liberty movement supporter and also happens to have a screw loose (or works for the CIA, depending on who you ask) went on TV to confront a presumed gun hater and got a little peaked.

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