Comment: It certainly can and will if

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It certainly can and will if

It certainly can and will if they push the people too far. We already have so called democrats crying about their paychecks being a lot smaller. Just imagine what will happen if they try to take guns. Yes, I know they are going to try to prohibit redistribution of arms so they can slowly take our rights away. This is why we need to be proactive. Whatever that takes we need to be proactive.

If it means taking it to court, if it means taking over or getting our states on our sides or if it means abolishing the federal government, it doesn't matter. We cannot allow them to take any more of our rights away. Why do people allow the government to control them when WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT! Every citizen in this nation has the right to bare arms.. and i include so called "felons" in this. Someone commits a crime and does their time there is no reason why they should lose their rights as a citizen. In my opinion, anything done to a person released from prison after serving their due time is nothing but tyranny. You do your crime serve your time then you are back to being a citizen. Fuck this state control over anyone who ever made a mistake. If that's the case then why is Obama our president? He admitted to doing coke. That's a felony, my friends. Of course he claims it as long ago and it is now past the statute of limitations, but does it make him any less a felon simply because he got away with it? Is he somehow better than the felon that got caught and spent time in prison and now he is not allowed to carry a weapon or even vote?

Fuck this bullshit. This government has been nothing but pure tyranny since Lincoln and I for one am tired of it. I am 4 months from being a real lawyer and I tell you what, no amount of money, no amount of bargaining will make me waiver. I will fight tooth and nail against these oppressive bastards. I have been poor my whole life so money doesn't mean shit to me. All that matters is justice and the preservation of our laws. The most basic of which being our constitution.