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What makes you think that

the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were not done with the purpose of giving Americans a sense of over-confidence - thereby convincing them that they would in-fact succeed in a revolt?

Now ask yourself why such an organization as Yahoo would dare post an article like this actually EGGING ON a civil war trying to bait us into it by saying "this is how you do it?"

I surmise that the goal of the NWO is to cause a civil war in this country just like they did in the days of Lincoln. The banksters were able to take over this country at that time by way of creating a separate corporate entity in DC and a vast network of "transmitting utilities" called "US citizens."

The majority here don't even have a clue what I just said. What makes you think they have a clue about the true intent of the war you just spoke about?

Let me try to clear it up for you: Before the civil war the federal government was unable to effect anything outside of the 10 mile square. LEGALLY speaking and through private contracts state nationals then consented to be "US citizens" thereby agreeing to be UNDER the UNITED STATES instead of their respective NATION STATES.

The coming civil war... if it's coming (which I am every waking minute trying to prevent) is nothing more than the "great culling" which was eluded to by a guest on Jesse Ventura's episode "the Bilderburg Group." It's JUST POPULATION CONTROL, SUBVERSION, Infiltration... division and conquest!