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Comment: We've been lied to.

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We've been lied to.

Imagine that!

You don't have to agree with EVERYTHING that M. Moore says. I don't agree with everything ANYBODY says but he is RIGHT on this!

Eli Lilly, Corp. executives that hid this infomation should be prosecuted for 1st degree murder! And, not just them but ALL big pharma that seeks to exploit our tenderness and love for our children into money for psychotropic drugs at the expense of our children's lives and the lives of other innocent bystanders.

M. Moore has championed this cause but, ask yourself (as I have been asking myself), why has he been SO demonized in the public arena?

Why, indeed?

Because big pharma, as AJ pointed out the other night, CONTROLS the airwaves.

The time to stand and fight tyranny of all kind is NOW!

Do NOT put your children on psychotropic drugs and if they are currently on them please ween them OFF of them and be the best parent that you can be.

It is time to show the world that we ARE who we are SUPPOSED to be, an autonomous and free thinking, spiritually driven force of GOOD for the world.

We have been HIJACKED far too long.

Wake up, America! BE who we are.

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