Comment: ALL of America is waking up!

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ALL of America is waking up!

I am proud to see this TRUE AMERICAN man lead us younger folks in the right direction.

I would follow him ANYWHERE in the defense of our country.

This is why I say, "There will not be a revolution. When the time comes (very soon) there will be a capitulation of the tyrannical puppets that now lead us. They are weak and ONLY survive on their [covet means] to suppress us. They will scurry like rats when we rise up but we will catch them all and BURN them for their treasonous acts."

God Bless, Harold Estes, and the millions who are, and were, like him. But the battle begins, and we WILL fight it.

It sickens me to know that we have come so close to losing what SO MANY fought and died to preserve.

Thank you, Ron Paul. We'll take it from here!

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