Comment: What a tragedy

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What a tragedy

When my son started K , after only 2 weeks in school his teacher ( who looked like she should have been retired for a decade back then) approached me one day after school let out and said that i needed to have my son checked out and perhaps have him medicated. I brushed it off for the time being and a week later she approached me again and insisted i needed to have my son checked out. I got pissed off and just point blank told her that he had only been in school 3 weeks and that it was all new to him and that i was not going to have him checked out or medicated and that i didn't think it was her place after him being in school only 3 weeks to suggest such a thing. I then went to the office and complained about it.
He is 17 now and is going to graduate this year and he has been A/B honor roll in advanced classes sense the fourth grade.
Now imagine how many other parents this teacher convinced to have their kids medicated....what a waste....

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