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Have you ever tried to get a true and honest comment published

in the Australian Lame Stream Media,almost impossible.The closest i got was {The reserve bank of australia is about as federal as the local milk bar}you could not even get Australians for Ron Paul posted.As for AJ he was my first wake up call,many interesting and eye opening guests but one in particular that grew on me yours truly Ron Paul and once i found the DP i signed up here to.I was bitterly dissapointed that he didnt get the nomination but many here have
been through that twice.He continues to educate and he and the good folks here cause you to self educate and be tolerant.I still visit AJ occasionaly and personaly think he beat piers at his own game,sure he would have turned of many of the sheople but you check his information and he aint far wrong,just gotta see the MSM attacks to know that.Dont let a few down votes put you off it comes with the territory and being ozzi's we cant even contribute to a campaign or preach to the converted(not real hard to pick the real trolls)I generaly make my comments on you tube and other sites,anyways best of i will keep your secret Jobe Lol.