Comment: In watching this I have more

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In watching this I have more

In watching this I have more respect for Alex Jones. Piers Morgan is a bully himself that hides behind a false pretense of intellectualism to berate the people he is debating. I like how Piers only uses stats on "Gun Murders" and not murders in general. If a women is beaten to death with a bat and cant defend herself with a handgun, that is surely morally justifiable but if someone is shot then suddenly it is a valid statistic?

The correlation Piers used between lax gun laws and mass shootings is a false argument as well due to 3rd party variable. By Piers' logic Ice cream consumption is the cause of rape because in the months of high ice cream consumption there is a greater instance of rape. The truth is more ice cream is eaten during the summer and more people are out and about. The same third party variable is in effect with the Gun arguement and that is SSRI drugs which I am glad Alex Jones pointed out. More guns arent causing these mass murders, mass prescription of SSRI drugs that disconnect people from reality and make them commit atrocities is.

Piers Morgan is an idiot, he just sounds smart because of his haughty British accent.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.