Comment: Why are we mad? Why are we mad. WHY ARE WE MAD!!!!

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Why are we mad? Why are we mad. WHY ARE WE MAD!!!!

Why is America infuriated with Piers Morgan?

Guns were never an issue. The Second Amendment does not say "the right to keep and bear arms shall not be unreasonably infringed", it just says "shall not be infringed" period. The founding fathers put "unreasonable" in our Fourth Amendment which is about state trespassing! Our founding fathers implied the issue is moot from the start on gun rights. If Congress now develops the intended National Gun Registry in the recently introduced FEINSTEIN BILL, we the people will certainly lose the second amendment in its absolute form and time then becomes a factor, but absolute laws are scopeless, timeless, and so are not at issue with this Republic.

I do however know Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors are possible causes in a claim of product liability by the victims in wrongful death actions against pharmaceutical pills prescribed to these murderers. Why not talk about them and prove to the court these chemicals are causing the sociopathy.

Nonetheless, why when a possible ripe issue for trial is in our face like the ones re: SRI's, does the media turn and discuss one of the only non-issues we have? Why not discuss the liability of the pharmaceutical companies? Why only attack people's rights?

are you sure this is just about duck hunting?

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