Comment: Shaeffer Cox at the continental congress:

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Shaeffer Cox at the continental congress:

I was following his case. Apparently there was some FBI informant who was facing charges for fraud... FBI dropped the charges in return for bringing up the idea of killing cops in a private meeting. The topic was discussed very briefly and then decided against.

Shaeffer was railroaded completely based on that audio recording.

I've attempted to contact the guy who interviewed him on that video It looks like he had some personal contact with Shaeffer...

In this vid he says he was elected as a "consultant to the convention"

...that Shaeffer was running - then he was run out of the building and nobody would even put anything in writting as to why they booted an elected consultant out of the convention without the consent of any of the delegates. He did a lot of investigation on the event.

Later looks like he was effectively silenced. Last activity on his channel looks like a year ago. MIA? Looks like the cops tried to arrest him without a warrant here... smashed out his window then things got crazy:

Check out what happens at 2 mins in: