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Comment: Not so quick for me on the measure

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Not so quick for me on the measure

What does "most of the people" mean - exactly?

I think this is telling:


"How many people here think I make crackpot points?"

"How many think I make sensible points?"

In context (and not a case of me intending to shoot you down): I ran for congress soon after Waco because of Waco and many other false measures of "common knowledge" flowing through our social networks like bad money.

I ran on the "it is wrong to torture and murder babies" ticket and "involuntary taxes is a false front for crime made legal" and I was not greeted with tar and feathers.

Many people woke up with Waco. Waco was a test case, a method by which very evil people can see how much their victims will take, and how far the goal posts can be moved, and which tactics work, and which devices work, and the experiments at Waco uncovered valuable information to those Legal Criminals who willfully perpetrated that massacre.

What do you think was the cause of the Militia Movement?

Not you, the OP, but anyone reading this, anyone, and ONE person.

What do you think was the cause of the Oklahoma City massacre?

There aught to be a way in which reasonable people, individuals that we are, but reasonable individuals, aught, to be able to move through the information and cut out the false information and in an authoritative way, a reasonable way, an effective way, an expedient way, and an accurate way, move closer to the truth of any matter where innocent people are tortured and murdered individually or in mass.

Look here:

I know this is a work load, but my measure of how quick I am to judge the facts, the measures, of who is deceptive on purpose, who is deceptive without knowing, who is among the many, and who are among the few, etc. is a hard earned viewpoint arriving at this point right here at this time.

Look here:

That is a way, as imperfect as it was when it worked, where people could be reasonable in a way that moves further away from deception and closer to the truth in cases where an individual, as we all are individuals, where an individual is presumed to be innocent but an individual is, as they say, caught red handed, and we don't want to abandon the victim, who may as yet still be squirming with torturous injury, and we do not want to be that which we supposedly abhor, so we do not want to convict, and in that way punish, an innocent person ourselves.