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I hate to tell you this, but your claim that people gravitate towards truth couldn't be more false. Lets list things people gravitate to before the abstract philosophical notion of truth, or even to true statements.

1. Sex
2. Things that might even remotely resemble sex
3. Money
4. Drama and emotion
5. The Jersey Shore
6. Shows that people can vote for participants on.
7. The above, but those shows that some participants wear dresses and dance on
8. Violence
9. Taboo subject
10. Peter Poppins Miracle Water infomercials
11. Sports
12. Anything that remotely resembles something where you can root for a team

I could keep going, but truth is still a loooong way down the list.

Alex Jones is an entertainer and a true believer. When you get all excited because he's making a clown of himself on Piers Morgan and "standing up for all of us" that's you being entertained and rooting for him as a team. You've got Team Alex vs Team Gun control, then you have the rest of america watching that is ambivalent or hasn't made a decision. To all of Team Alex, he won. To Team Gun Control, he lost. To the rest of America, he looked like the screaming guy on the street corner. Who do you think won?

Eric Hoffer