Comment: We are never going to have "military equivalent firearms"

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We are never going to have "military equivalent firearms"

Sure you may have a gun that looks like an M-16 but your M&P AR clone holds no weights against tanks and hellfire missiles. The people at Waco had LOTS of guns and you can't stand up to an armed division with any product made by Ruger or Glock. It's fantasy to ever think that a armed rebellion would ever be successful ever again and it hurts our cause when we keep threatening it. You have a shoulder mounted grenade launcher in your basement to take down helicopters delivering strafing fire your your "Red Dawn" squad? This comes from someone who own several semi-automatic firearms, but I'm too cheap to pay 1,200 dollars for a "assault weapon" range toy. And no I'm not giving my guns up and nor an I being finger printed. I'm righting my Congressman, I'm reaching out peacefully to moderates, I'm doing my best to spread the message of a peaceful, prosperous Liberty.

I am in no way making a gun control argument but THEY WANT YOU RILED UP. They want you "fighting mad" because the fist time one of us does something stupid with a firearm in the name of "Liberty" it's all over. They are looking for an excuse to crack down hard, please don't give them one. Red Dawn was a MOVIE and it should stay that way.

Our Revolution must be one of the mind. The "Hippie" generation changed our country without ever firing another shot, unfortunately they got bought off and those saying "fight the man" 50 years ago are not getting paid off by "the man". RP has spoke against armed revolution numerous times because he know the time for it is passed.

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