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what i mean is should another financial crisis happen

the entire political landscape is going to change again.. some people will radicalize themselves especially the youth, likely demanding a complete stop to social security tax and other reforms the rest may not like, keep in mind generation Y will be biggest voting bloc of 30%+ by year 2020 with disproportionate amount of physical endurance to protest and force their way, and that is going to push the rest of the population to further moderate themselves, so all this planning might be completely messed up and become basically useless. i see a giant radical group versus a giant moderate/close to socialist group in that situation, and this country will be more fractured than ever with possibly even states declaring some type of autonomy

2012 may have been the last cycle before that happens. ron paul was clearly the guy that offered solutions in this picture, but it was unfortunate other self proclaimed republicans did not make it in time. it wasn't unexpected, though.