Comment: Schaeffer was completely set

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Schaeffer was completely set

Schaeffer was completely set up and railroaded. He is a brilliant, outspoken lover of liberty and it was his enthusiastic following which they were trying to squelch from the beginning. He ran for state Senate in AK and took 37% of the vote. He was the founder of the Second Amendment Task Force, a gun rights group, which had hundreds of members. His militia's motto was "Defend All, Aggress None" . . . his downfall? He was a charismatic speaker with brilliant original ideas on how to peacefully bring our country back to the common law Republic our Founders intended, and people listened.

This speech he gave in MT was reported by some statist busybody as advocating an overthrow of the Govt which is what set the FBI and the ADL to violate his rights and track him, record him, in order to frame him, all without a warrant or just cause.

After this speech, he was told by the FBI that they would kill him if needed, and his family too. He was facing another Ruby Ridge style attack and began to speak in his own home on how he'd defend himself. His house was bugged and that's what they used against him in court.

Schaeffer is in prison to ruin his credibility and to silence him. He is one of our own and a political prisoner.

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