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Ill say this

You make a good point in your thread saying that governments aren't qualified enough to carry out these heinous acts that we conspiracy theorists claim they do. You even make a better point saying that government officials are really in it for themselves to better themselves through money, power and influence; I believe you are correct. However there is no doubt in my mind that there is an New World Order Illuminati comprised of the most wealthy and powerful men in the world with their own private and secretive agenda. I make this claim because how can you not dismiss the evils around the world such as the Federal Reserve, Big Pharma, illegal hemp, CIBC, TD, EU, RBC, IMF, 9/11, NATO, UN, Monsanto and the list goes on and on. Clearly they're is a group of individuals who use their power to influence the world; however this group is very small and like you said no group this size could accomplish these alone. I believe where these bastards have us is that fact that they have created the modern day philosophy of accepted socialism beliefs and governments. Many people including politicians, judges, great peoples and the common man have endorsed socialism and the big one Keynesian and many people agree with them; don't believe me? Go search up who created public schools in America - A Rockefeller! My point is that even though many of these politicians might not be involved in such an agenda; because of their piers thinking, and wanting their own political gains they do contribute to the efforts of the Illuminati comprised socialism with not even knowing about it. To backtrack and end this paragraph socialism is basically the same as feudalism, now I wonder why people would want that?

I believe that there is this Illuminati and they need to be pointed out and discussed; they are not as big as most people would say but their influence is monumental. The best way to alter their influence is to preach our message of civil liberties and free market capitalism to the public so we can change the thinking of present socialism due to the teachings of our past century.