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The half Jew half Italian thing is him

...hiding/minimizing his jewishness because of antisemitism. It's his joke about not getting hassled for being a Jew. Stern is a good dude who up until now has been getting his info from msm. Hash tag your best tweets to @howardstern @rqui @sternshow @robertabooey @jonmhein he & his staff are active on twitter. They respond to and/or check the few intelligent tweets they get. Robin Quivers, Howard's on air partner is already pro 2nd amendment and he's currently middle of the road guy. Winning Stern over is always big because so many creative types like writers/comedians love and listen to him daily. Being a Stern show fan I see show references permeated throughout pop culture. He also has 6-14 million listeners when live. Hint. H's a from the gut small l libertarian massively influenced by msm.