Comment: Well, Since....

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Well, Since....

...I said firearms and not tanks, hellfire missiles, fighter jets, Apache Attack Helicopters or any other such 'weapons/weapons platforms', I guess my point is valid as written.

Also, before you go off on another tangent about full-auto vs an AR platform, allow me to advise you that having been in the military, I am fully aware of the differences, strengths and weaknesses of each.

Now, back to my point.

'Military equivalent' firearms was being used in the general sense of something comparable to the shoulder weapon carried by troops.

Don't know about any firearms that you have (if you have anything at all except a Ruger 10-22, some such plinker, or a bb gun), but AR platforms (both 5.56 and 7.62), others such as SIG 556 platform, M14s and M1 Garands, M1A1s ect, in the hands of a dedicated trained man, well, it seems as if you perhaps are speaking from either ignorance, or perhaps from a more deliberate perspective that discourages the very concept of 'Liberty's Teeth'.

Who knows and who cares.

Next, aside from your deliberately phrased demonization, e.g., 'basements and Red Dawn Squads', your attempt to link me to 'our cause' is off-base. My cause and your cause are likely very different, as evidenced by you pathetic 'peace & love' approach and your defeatist commentary.

Finally, Nothing I said was a threat, nor a call for armed revolution. I merely am pointing out that there are men (certainly excluding you) that will not continence being disarmed.

YOU may find that statement and concept threatening and I am certain that elements of the government find that statement and concept to be threatening, but it is not a threat, simply a statement of fact that should also serve as a warning, much like a rattlesnake warns that danger is close.

Warning of defense against unconstitutional government confiscation or other similar action is not calling for a revolution.

As for your comment reference 'they' looking for someone to do something, providing an excuse to 'take it all', well, you have already demonstrated that you have not grasped the purpose of Liberty's Teeth' and the mindset and resolve of the men who do.

If that dread day ever arrives, and I pray that it never does, then please stand aside and let those who will, with grim resolve, get down to the business of protecting all of our liberty.

Anything else, defeatist hippie-fudd?