Comment: Don't try to unify me with Alex Jones.

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Don't try to unify me with Alex Jones.

We are each an Army of One.

Our founders had to reload without cartridges.

Each single shot breach loaded shotgun of today can unleash 10 times more firepower in less time than a musket. And thank God we have way better than that.

Each individual patriot is in effect an army when compared to a patriot of 1776. Of course we have not the courage to act. But each of us is a sleeping rattlesnake. When we are bothered, stepped on, there will be hell to pay.

This nation is fully armed, to the teeth... 600 million firearms that exceed the capabilities that defeated the largest naval power in the world even in the 2nd war with the Brits, the war of 1812.

Each patriot now in 2012 or 2013 has the ability to deliver the same firepower in a matter of minutes that required 500+ men in 1812.

I do not wish for war. I do not want war. But when and if we are really stepped on, we must recognize and admit to ourselves that we have the means to respond 1000 times more effectively than that of our forefathers; as each man now has the capability in this age to be his very own militia of one, independent and free of others who might seek to do him harm.