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I'm a little confused about your post

Why do it confrontational when they can just have us point at each other, while we allow them to legislate as we do now Felon's rights away.

I understand that they manipulate people into allowing our rights to be stripped incrementally. Point noted here. Additionally one can look at how some people are serving life sentences for selling pot~ a sentence equivalent to murder! But Americans don't protest that. It's a matter of "First they came for the pot smokers, but I wasn't a pot smoker, so I said nothing." And with this, "First they took the felons' guns..."

Get real about them utilizing drones for this. We have something like 400 million guns, unless they are planning on taking out huge swaths of neighborhoods at a time the attrition on their side would make it prohibitive.

I was thinking they could use drone strikes as a deterrent and example. If they start killing some high profile militia leaders, they strike the shepherd and scatter they flock. That's the way it always is. They don't control by killing everyone, they control by killing some and scaring the others into compliance.

No, they will attempt to use laws to divide and conquer us and effect a bloodless coup.

Coup of what sort? Coup of a completely anti-gun regime...I mean government?

Trust me, the media elite would have no problem with casting gun owners in the same light a pedophiles.

They already have, by copying Megan's Law and publishing the names of gun owners, in the same manner as they publicly list the pedophiles.