Comment: I am a Graphic Designer with almost 10 years of experience

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I am a Graphic Designer with almost 10 years of experience

and I have to agree that the photo shown here is a doctored photograph. All the observations stated are, in my own professional opinion, correct.

This is quite amateur as well. I have done several jobs where people needed to be "placed" into a group photo and it may just be my detailed nature but I would have EASILY added some shadowing and the straw that's cut off. Also what immediately jumps out is the completely wrong 'white levels' in "Emilie's" shirt which are higher (brighter) than the other four. Also "Emilie" has more contrast to her image as well, you can tell everyone else looks slightly faded or dull. It's very slight and you may not see it if you don't do this as a profession.

Same evidence came out about 9/11 "victim" photos FYI.

It won't be long before we see 100% Computer Generated "Video Footage" that we will be shown as authentic. That is, if we haven't already. Remember, that the Powers That Were have people in the Hollywood biz where they make realistic Special Effects that look unnoticeably real already.

Be Vigilant!


Can anyone find this photo? I can't seem to see it anywhere and I'd like to take a closer look at it.

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