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The liberty movement has been

The liberty movement has been invited to join the Christian evangelical movement in a crusade to restore Constitutional government. We have so much in common. We can agree on more than we disagree. Together we can become the greatest political movement in modern history. I say YES to this alliance.

Posted on Facebook minutes ago by Steve Deace

"Some of my fellow social conservatives, my native tribe if you will, have been wondering if I've left them behind because I've been publicly reaching out to the "liberty movement." Not at all. Those convictions are eternal and cannot change, and I hope my last two Facebook statuses prove I'm serious when I say that. However, I'm also serious when I say this: after fighting this battle all over the country the past few years, I have sadly come to the conclusion there are not enough social conservatives with the guts and discernment it will take for us to win. I wish that weren't the case, but I really believe it is. Still too many of us are emotion-driven and trying to be nicer than God, and are taken advantage of by the establishment and its propped up Elmer Gantrys over and over again. On the other hand, while the "liberty movement" is still relatively small, it's people have proven they have the guts and discernment it takes to win. They just lack the numbers to actually do so, which we can provide. Therefore, I'm trying to find out if the elves and men have enough in common to forge an alliance before Mordor wins once and for all, since it's the only strategic path to victory I can see possible in the near future (if you have another one, by all means share it with me). But of course if the cost of forging such an alliance is the very abandonment of our first principles, then we'll have to take our chances on our own. Either way, we might as well find out now one way or the other."