Comment: The main thing an idea like this lacks

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The main thing an idea like this lacks

is coordination. Obviously.

The original Tea Party moneybomb of '07 succeeded (and launched an astroturf spin-off movement as an unintentional consequence, I might add) because of the grassroots actually coordinating something, with compelling videos and all of that.

If we had someone with more clout advocating an idea like this, it could be effective enough, even on a small scale, to shock the system. Some of those changes would be difficult for people but so is submitting to a runaway police state and suffering the long term consequences.

If someone managed to coordinate something like this and have it gain traction, it would be difficult to get real feedback, because they control the media and wouldn't openly admit they were thrown for a loop when things went bonkers at once. I can't think of how we could independently verify our results, in order galvanize for even bigger "Dodge the System Days" or whatever. Maybe by looking at stock prices?

But none of what I've proposed is harmful, anyway. :)

Eating fresh vegetables is also revolutionary in its own way.