Comment: Pratt rocked! Morgan ultimately controlled.

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Pratt rocked! Morgan ultimately controlled.

Pratt did well.

I wish though, that he had more agressively refuted Morgan's attempt to make the statistic of 62 mass shootings (four or more) in the last 3 decades, an issue to promote gun control. Pratt eventually refered to it as a "circular argument" and did hit on it a few times in attempt to turn the argument 180 degrees, but the attemts were unpassioned and broken. It is a central refutation and needs to be succinctly put out there, that ALL of those 62 shootings were done in gun-free zones, that the rise in shootings matches the rise in gun-free zones, and that potential mass shootings in unrestricted zones were capped at three deaths because there were responsible "civilians" at hand to intervene.

Pratt also tried like hell to shift Morgan's emphasis from "gun crime" to the more meaningful issue of "violent crime". Morgan ultimately controlled the debate, and Pratt's point didn't fully flower. The UK has roughly four times the violent crime per capita than the US. When comparing the US to the UK, what sane person would not place such a statistic as a central point?