Comment: IMO youre mistaking 'blame' and 'cause'

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IMO youre mistaking 'blame' and 'cause'

from what I've seen from reading about the impact of some of these pyschiatric medications, there have been some extremely bizare behavior associated with use. Why would a mother calmly go and drown her children ? Why would (as mentioned in the video) two young children kill their little brother ? Why would a father kill his family and then call 9-11 in a confused daze ? Why would a soldier, come home and kill his whole family ? Why would suicide rates among soldiers be higher than the number killed in combat ? You can web search all these phrases, and you'll find that psychiatric drug use was usually involved. These people weren't in a normal state of mind when they did these things. In most cases the younger children were put on these medications at an early age. A young person forcefully put on these drugs, is not the same as a drunk who chooses to jump in his car and drive & ends up hurting someone.
If some criminal gang member hurts someone he is responsible and to blame. (Same with the drunk driver.) If someone literally does not know what they are doing, hallucinates and hurts someone while taking psychiatric drugs - they may not be to blame, and the medications may be the cause.

Name a mass murder incident of recent years where it is proven that it did not involve pyschiatric drug use.

If certain individuals working in drug companiies knew of these effects and covered them up, they should be held criminally liable as part of the cause and the blame for this.

In any case, Moore and others have called for at least an in depth investigation of this by a neutral party.