Comment: I don't personally know either man

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I don't personally know either man

so I can only use my own mind and follow what is logical in my view. Pratt is arguing FOR the 2nd ammendment. What he says makes sense to ME. Morgan has an agenda. Pratt may have an agenda but its not counter to what our founding fathers believed. I just can't imagine any man, given an option to have an AK47 or to have no gun, to choose no gun if a stranger had broken into his home and he had family members he wanted to protect.

Right this minute I can call a 17 year old that can get me a gun within 24 hours...probably less.

Without exception, people who want any type of gun banned, still have not figured out that Governments are nothing other than the largest "gang" in their geographic area. I used to think Governments were all about helping the people. And I used to think OUR Government was the MOST caring and the one Government that truly wanted to help the people of all other nations. Boy was I duped.

The pain of being deceived has long passed....but the memory of what I once believed remains. I used to get drunk and sing lee greewoods "God bless the USA" with pure pride. Now if that song comes on, my wife and I both laugh and curse as we reach to change the dial ASAP. lol