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I know the demand is out there

And I'm sure that someone will capitalize on that demand. Maybe you. I just want to let people know, early and often, that the Daily Paul is not going to become Rand Paul 2016 Central.

It is perfectly fine to post news about Rand Paul - just as it is about any other topic of interest to the community. I'm interested and I read the stories too.

What I don't want (and won't tolerate) is PUT THIS ON THE FRONT PAGE, especially, when the time comes, with moneybombs, etc.

What I'm not up for is having to pretend that he's going to win; keeping the naysayers off the site; breaking up fights between supporters and non-supporters; the name calling and fighting that didn't happen with Ron Paul because me and my team were so vigilant about not letting it happen to Ron Paul.

We saw what happened when I let it go with the GJ crowd, and I'm not up for watching that happen again. It just isn't worth it to me to go through that kind of effort for Rand.

I hope that explains things. I'm not against Rand. I'm just not for him the way I was for his pop.

He's the man.