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Great Post!

Very well written and very true IMHO. It is no coincidence that the downward spiral of this country directly coincides with the removal of God, including the teaching of His Word and Laws, from the public sphere. While it is true that this country was founded primarily by Christians and many of it's laws were rooted in Christianity/God's Laws, it was also true that even those who did not consider themselves Christians at least recognized Christian beliefs as being beneficial to society in general. Sadly, this is no longer true today.

John Adams was not a Christian but respected and acknowledged the importance of the moral behavior which resulted from one being Christian. He stated that our form of government (Constitutional Republic) was only suited for a moral, religious and just populace and was entirely unsuitable for a people that were not these things. I think that history has shown his words to be true.

I really enjoyed your article...thanks for sharing it. :)