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I agree that Wisdom and God are not incompatible.

However today it is quite common to make a god out of Science and insist that the only reality is the physical universe, This is to deify Man and is the outgrowth of the very first error made by the first man Adam. It is also true that modern Science and Magic are twins. Magic was the sickly one and died when modern Science was born in the high Middle Ages.

The search for knowledge can be motivated by the desire to know the truth and to seek to conform one's life to the truth as thus discovered. This was the ancient meaning of Science in the sense of Wisdom. This is not the impulse that drives modern Science which seeks to subject the physical universe to the lusts and ambitions of Man in the same way Magic did. It is this materialising instinct that seeks to bend the world to its will and that eventually brutalises mankind and leads to his destruction by his own hand.

This instinct has also become the driving motivation of most religions, whether exoteric or esoteric, and secret societies. It is the source of all the bestial systems of the ancient and modern worlds whether political, economic or religious. It may well present itself to your mind as a harmless lamb but it is nevertheless a devouring dragon.

The assertion that all mankind can aspire to "Christ" consciousness and thereby know God is just one of the half truths that are propagated today to ensnare the unwary seeker and enmesh them in all kinds of delusions. The powers of the unconscious mind of Man are powerful and they can appear to the conscious mind as gods. It is the powers of the unconscious mind that the secret societies and esoteric religions seek to harness for their own ends and it is they who teach this notion of the "Christ" consciousness which is the Self that I mentioned in my first comment. This will certainly afford one a consciousness of the connectedness of the universe since everything is indeed connected and in its deepest substrata is one. It is also true that this consciousness is carried by the very energies you mention as being described by quantum physics just as the powers of the mind are contained in the biochemical processes of the brain.

There is however a very important difference between this reality and the true relatedness and consciousness that is offered to the disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. The one you are describing is the shadow of the true. It is therefore very similar in its outlines but in its substance it is very different. Even the physical light we know is a shadow of the real Light.

The answers to the questions I asked are as follows:

1. Yes God is Person in that He/She is the meaning of what we call personality.

2. Yes God is Good in that He/She is the meaning and source of Goodness. Indeed ONLY God IS Good.

3. Yes He/She has revealed Himself/Herself to individuals throughout history. In the distant past He spoke to the people of ancient Israel through men called prophets but two thousand years ago He incarnated Himself in the man Jesus of Nazareth.

It is He who has most clearly revealed to us who God is, the kind of person He is and what His purposes are for all of us. He was crucified by those He came to, the last remnant of the people of ancient Israel, but this was always His plan and purpose in order to unite the spiritual and physical realms in One, so that God might be all in all. He therefore demonstrated this by rising from the dead and revealed to those who had believed in Him the Reality of the New Creation that He had come to inaugurate. He then ascended into the spiritual dimension whence He had come and then He returned in His Spirit form, His New Spiritual Body, to anoint His disciples and give to them His New Spiritual Body to unite with their own spirits and so create a new creature in each of them. It is this Corporate Reality that comprises the true Christian Church, those who have received His New Spiritual Body and continue to grow in Him and He in them.

This New Creation is the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Light which will replace the present Old Creation, the Kingdom of the World, the Kingdom of Darkness in which we all live at this moment. This is why I say that we should beware of accepting a counterfeit. There is only one Way into the New Creation and the Lord Jesus Christ is that Way.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)