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Quick, over here ........ You need sheering; Baaaaa-Baaaaa :)

This isn't a tax scam you moron ... lol

This is not tax protesting either. No one is saying argue with them or protest them. If they say you're liable for the tax or to file the returns, then fine ...... prove up your claim Mr. IRS Agent.

The IRS is a collection agency, is it not?

Back to the subject at hand:

The gov't has presumed you into an employment position within their corporation; you can also presume you are getting paid for operating in that capacity. If they insist you have waived the right to be paid for operating in that capacity, then of course they should be willing to cough up that contract that states such a fact, but of course, then can not.

If they cannot, then we have a major labor dispute that needs some federal attention, because slavery is illegal in the US, is it not?

You people must wrap your head around the fact that ALL local/state/federal gov't are bankrupt corporations. Go look at the sign at your City Hall; it says "Incorporated 1837" or some similar date.

If you want to work for free, then by all means; that is your choice. But, you can also charge for your time like anyone with half a brain cell would do once they've taken the time to deprogram from this con.

Read my comment below and watch the seminars; listen to the shows and stop defending your captives. You're suffering from Stockhome's Syndrome and don't even realize it :)