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Have you always been this stupid, or is it a recent


When the IRS or any state agency sends you a tax notice, THAT'S when you send them back your fee schedule and inform them you will willfully file any forms they wish, but here is what you charge, because you are NOT an unpaid tax collector who works for free.

What is so hard for you to understand about that McFly?

Please, for the sake of everyone in this community, quit with the stupid come back statements. You apparently have not taken ANY time to deprogram and watch the seminars or listen to the radio interviews. If you had, you wouldn't be making such idiotic remarks on something you apparently know nothing about.

What is fraud about charging a foreign corporation that wants you to file some paperwork for THEIR benefit a fee?

They send you a request to file paperwork; you send them back an conditional acceptance offer of an hourly rate; they don't reply and that's that, or they do reply with a threat and demand; and you reply again "Registered Mail" with your offer and a cease statement to stop soliciting you through the mail to work for free.

This is not Rocket Science, and it is not a scam ........ it's simple business practice, but some of you people are so busy protecting your captures that you can't move out of the Matrix.