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:) Okay.

The place will be around 90 miles by plane outside of Anchorage. Cold as hell in the winter, short growing periods, unless you use a greenhouse.

I want to start a little farm there where I hope to get as much of my food from the land as possible..

I will have power that I'll create through, steam, gas gen, solar and an ORC, which I have plans on.

My hot water will be produced by a homemade copper water coil that's wrapped around my wood stove flue, during the winter, which will give a cabin heat as well and electricity.

Summertime, it'll be an additional wood stove setup outside.

I really was pretty content to move there alone.. I actually am my happiest that way, when single anyway, but that's not to say that a good, well matched female, isn't welcomed.

Anyway, I look forward to getting the hell out of dodge but I may not make it in our current state, when a dictator thinks he can bypass congress on guns. Sad thought.. but I'm not going anywhere just yet.

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