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3 Questions for you

(1) Who works at Area 51 and what do they do EXACTLY? Please note, that prior to about 10 years ago, the US gov't denied the existence of Area 51. I am not interested in theories about what they do there, but can you point to EVIDENCE of EXACTLY what they do and who works there?

(2) Can you show me that ANYBODY outside of government knew that the Manhattan Project was happening and what it was about? Keep in mind, it has been estimated that over 100,000 people worked on that project, and it has been asserted that NOBODY leaked any information until after two A-bombs were dropped on Japan. Can you show that people DID know?

(3) Can you show that ANYBODY outside of the President's cabinet knew about Operation Northwoods, a Top Secret plan to murder Americans and blame it on Cuba -- a false flag operation to gain support to invade Cuba? It became public when the gov't removed its Top Secret status more than 30 years after the fact. Can you show that ANYBODY had a clue about it for those 30 years?

In light of the above, can you still assert that government types cannot keep secrets?