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Comment: If you are living vicariously, you are doing it wrong.

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If you are living vicariously, you are doing it wrong.

I've been listening to Alex since 2005, while I was awake to libertarianism/voluntaryism, he woke me up tot he fraud of government staged terrorism and the larger agenda's we are all now facing. He also introduced me to a little known politician named Ron Paul. I campaigned for him in 2007 and was a representative delegate all they way up to the state convention in a state where we won 95% of the delegates after they'd stolen the vote from us last year.

Over those years I've helped wake up literally thousands of people, look where we are now. I put together the original "Red Pill videos" list a now ubiquitous term. I've also popularized the image of the vitruvian man standing on top of the NWO pyramid upside down shoved into the ground. I made the RonPaulsVoice twitter quote bot which has effected thousand upon thousands more.

If anyone thinks AJ is a vicarious experience. You are doing it wrong.