Comment: the truth is becoming more main-stream.

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the truth is becoming more main-stream.

"so there’s no reason to think Obama wouldn't ignore parts of his own landmark legislation as well."

"[bag of shit no.1] signature piece of legislation contained language that forbids much of the gun control agenda that he and [bag of shit no.2] so desperately want to pass."

he was a constitutional lawyer and professor who has continued and rapidly expanded every extra-constitutional policy of every president before him.


do not allow this to quell your fear about confiscation.
they ARE seeking complete disarmament of the uSA (no typo.)
a policy of incremental disarmament or total ban is irrelevant.
it's a matter of what the the public allow.

a single piece of legislation further infringing upon what is so unambiguous as the second amendment should be viewed with the same contempt, vigor and unabated rage as if it were a complete and total attempt at confiscation.