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I would say yes...

to some degree Ron served as a lightning rod. However, the "energy" was diffused in many ways. To some - for instance those that had been around since 1988 - they had already exhausted paths of communication. So, their enjoyment of the newer elements of the movement were purely vicarious.

However, some of the energy was imparted to new individuals - such as myself - that are still fresh and motivated to stand up for principles actively. I've been a individualist (libertarian) all of my life but never new there was a particular label for it. My individualism still motivates me to stand against even long held beliefs within this movement if I disagree on a philosophical basis.

Maybe I did get some satisfaction - analogous to a sports fan - when Ron put some logic against the State as it currently exists. However, I've continued to diffuse the energy and have added some of my own energy to it.

I believe if people want to truly change things, they should try to reach at least two new people a day. With use of the internet, many more can be reached. If points are communicated effectively, then, the information may spread exponentially. For instance - although a relatively unnoticed post compared to others - I am wishful that my post on democide in late December had something to do with getting the ball rolling with respect to the level of recognition the term has now received.

The energy that a lighting rod receives is never destroyed, but it can be used more or less productively.