Comment: Liberal was used by Rush and all to distract.

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Liberal was used by Rush and all to distract.

Many Democrates are neocons. Rush labeled the liberals to distract from the neocons that were infiltrating the Republican Party.

Some Democrats are progressives.

MM is a progressive but he is not a neocon. So the neocons hate him.

Neither Kucinich or Moore are neocons. Well neither are we.

Government will not fail to screw its citizens if it can get away with it.

How long will progressives make excuses for government's tyrannical excesses?

Game Set Match. Liberty wins!

One thing for certain, the neocons will work to drive a wedge between the progressives and libertarians. This non-interventionist coalition will make neocons like Mitch McConnel and Diane Feinstein uncomfortable, at least.

Aim small, Miss small.

Free includes debt-free!