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I have never disputed what

I have never disputed what you and others say as to not be true; I believe that it is 100% true. That being said, I don't believe that the government -in any form: IRS, judges, or whatever- will just leave people alone, because you tell them that you know the law. Law is actually meaningless. It is the concept which the vast majority of people(society) agree on some point. If you go before a judge who doens't know of what you speak, or even if he does, would it really matter. Why would a judge care what you say; just because it is written on paper? Judges have been violating laws for a very long time, and even when they have been educated as to their wrong doing, the judges still continued onward.

I have never said that what you guys say is false; I'm just saying that I have been following this stuff for nearly 15 years, and I've always seen people go to jail for it. The reason is, because judges and prosecuters don't actually care about what was written(laws) or said(ruled on/precedent) in the past. The judges and prosecuters know with certainty that the happless masses would buy whatever story they(the authority) handed out ot them. If the society at large doesn't buy your argument, the the courts sure as hell never will. People like me, who are mostly in agreement with you would never get cought dead on a jury, and the only people who would are good little statists; which by this very fact, means that they are not going to buy your argument. If you happen to forego a jury trial, then I'm not sure why you would actually believe that a judge who has violated the law his entire career as an attorney would all-of-a-sudden side with you, when his paycheck requires that people go to jail.