Comment: Now I think Rand Paul is the

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Now I think Rand Paul is the

Now I think Rand Paul is the Liberty Movement's #1 candidate for a Presidential run at this time (some will disagree). Anyways, I think Tom Davis is right behind him, and we need to make sure we do everything possible when he announces he's running against Graham....we do everything possible to get him elected!

This guy was the first senator or congressman to endorse Ron Paul in the 2012 primaries.

His legislation voting records in SC are as principled as Ron Paul's voting record.

He's completely devoted his political career to promoting Liberty.

He's taking classes from the Mises Institute to further understand Austrian Economics.

If we can't get this guy elected, this Liberty Movement will have failed as far as I'm concerned. That's how much of a slam dunk this guy is. Lindsey Graham is #1 neocon as far as I'm concerned as well. And when his campaign is official, $2500 from me. Graham should be enemy #1 to Liberty in congress.