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You're ridiculous.

I may have been wrong, but I was never a CIA spook. That is utterly ridiculous. I'm just going to paste what I had to say to another guy, because it applies 100% (edit: oh wait it was the same dude... oh well).

Quit going around making false accusations at people being paid agents. You have no proof or even reasonable logic, it's just a random insult you throw out there to anyone you disagree with. It hurts the movement and gives us all a bad name. People see you throwing that accusation around at people who are *CLEARLY* not shills, they might start to think there actually are no shills.

I am a firm believer in questioning everything. I believe there are conspiracies. Lots of them. But the thing that gives "conspiracy theories" a bad name is that people like you go around asserting facts that are simply wild theories you came up with. Yes, they are potentially far more plausible than the official story, but they are just as wacky and baseless. The fact is, we usually don't have enough information. We need to be calling for investigations, not making accusations.

Since the consequences of your actions (going around and making these false accusations, dividing people, etc) are very clearly negative and cannot possibly help the liberty movement in any way, I might as easily conclude that you were the shill. But I don't accuse you of it, because it is also entirely possible that you are just an asshole with no manners, who doesn't realize that accusing someone of a crime is itself a crime (morally and legally), and who hasn't thought the consequences of his actions out fully.