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Once again...

just because God didn't strike Lot's daughters dead for getting their father drunk and having sex with him or strike Lot dead for getting drunk does not prove God condoned what Lot's daughters did. Just like with Hagar. You couldn't in your right mind conclude that God condoned the union of Abram and Hagar and subsequent birth of Ishmael. But, he didn't strike Hagar dead or kill Ishmael. He even promised Abraham that He would make a great nation out of Ishmael. When you read something in the Bible that happened it doesn't mean God was for it. A lot of the Old Testament is a recording of history and events in which human beings took certain actions. Just because Moses and the other authors didn't say "and Abimihomolilech entered her chamber and laid with her and she conceived and bare a son... but, he shouldn't have done it" doesn't mean the author agrees with what those particular individuals did and it certainly doesn't mean God agreed with it. When an author is writing about Stalin, Mao, or Hitler, the author doesn't expect his readers to be so ridiculous that he has to give his opinion on every attrocity the protagonist committed for fear that his readers might take his silence to mean he condones the said acts.

In case your genuinely confused on what God thought of incest and how He wanted His nation to deal with it, google and read Leviticus 20:10-18

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