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I think the majority of the

I think the majority of the law in this country would not comply. Most federal agents will turn on their own, the government will promise their family safety and benefits, most will comply. States on board with the federal agenda like California, Illinois, and New York will also promise their National Guard units with the same safeties -- again, most of them will comply. If you're a citizen in those states, you'd need to turn in your gun or move. There would only be pockets of short-lived resistance in the beginning in those states. The military is also completely voluntary, a vast majority take the constitution very seriously, most would not comply with unconstitutional orders. I bet the government will try to move a lot of them overseas where they'll be powerless (at least that's what I'd do).

As you can see, the majority of states won't follow orders. There's not enough compliant, federal agents to realistically enforce. Foreign military would need to be brought in, it would be the blue helmets to be the main force who don't have a card in this game. They will be the leading force.

A foreign military enforcing unconstitutional laws would not go over well. Sound pretty familiar...