Comment: You say Alex Jones is

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You say Alex Jones is

You say Alex Jones is advocating violence and that he should seek peaceful ways of protecting our gun rights. What you must not understand about Alex is that he has spent the last 17 years of his life protecting of second amendment rights and will continue to through peaceful means. What he says is when the government comes for your guns they are initiating the violence and we need to defend ourselves. When the government starts confiscating guns it won't be by convincing people it will be by kicking in doors and arresting or shooting resisters.

You are right that the founders dropped the ball on slavery. But luckily they created a proper way to change this document and there mistake was corrected by the 13th amendment.

If a law is passed or an executive order given to confiscate guns without amending the constitution to grant this power to the federal government first, then there action is outside the law. Making these people criminals.

Your opinion is welcome here at the daily paul but it is quite perplexing how someone who thinks the constitution is a piece of fiction written by dead white men could stumble upon this website and decide to stick around.