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There is plenty of censorship on the Daily Paul.

There is plenty of censorship on the Daily Paul, and always has been.

  • During the presidential race, negative opinions of Ron Paul were whisked down the memory hole and those pushing such opinions were summarily banned. Censorship.
  • While it is easy to find pictures of naked ladies all over the internet, you will not find any on the Daily Paul. My favorite example of Censorship.
  • The same goes for the spammers who come here pushing fake Rolex; The Nigerian money scammers; Viagra, Celexa, and various and sundry other prescription medicines. Those posts are deleted and the users banned as soon as they are caught. Censorship.

Now, I like pictures of naked ladies just as the next red blooded male, and I can swear up the room with anyone. Especially if I'm drinking. But to have productive debate you certainly must set some parameters, and these are the parameters that I have set.

During the election campaign, talk of Aliens, reptilian blood lines, crop circles, and 911 truth was also discouraged. I got banged around a lot by some people for that decision. Now that the election is over, I've loosened the reigns on that. I got banged around by other people for that one.

But yeah, there is Censorship on the Daily Paul, and it does help the cause of liberty. Does that answer your question?

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