Comment: I'll repeat my comment from another thread:

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I'll repeat my comment from another thread:

I hate to be negative & burst the bubble but, this needs to be said:

Just like the undeclared wars, just like Obamacare was forced down our throats, just like National Guardsmen were sent outside their state lines AND outside the United States, just like the other liberties we supposedly had and were PROTECTED under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights have been shredded, - I just don't see this being treated and pushed aside like all else.

We have laws, and we have UNJUST(unlawful) laws that are enforced and appealed, and usually the outcomes favor those in power and wealth -
All three judges on the panel were appointed to the appeals court by Obama. It's "Who polices the police?" It's "Do as your told because your job and future career on the line!"

Things won't change until it hurts enough. Everyday it seems to be getting closer to the SHTF.

Someone here also posted this:

The people in power enforce the laws on the books to their benefit - period. To me these are FALSE senses of security. Fool me once.....

I'd love to be wrong.