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Liberty is comprised of many different walks of life...

I didn't stumble on to this site, I've been around since 2007, strangely enough. I only recently became a member, and I don't expect you to believe me. I really use the site as a place to get liberty minded news. Personally I agree with almost nothing the liberty movement uses as a basis for its beliefs. I just happen to agree that I don't want a government telling me or any of my people what to do. I think the individual knows whats best for the individual and anybody who thinks otherwise needs a lesson in liberty.

All the philosophical arguments are nonsense to me. They are opinions based on other opinions. For instance, someone gave me an opinion below and sited another opinion as proof of that opinion. As a man of science, I do not use opinions as a basis for my beliefs. In fact I have very few beliefs at all.

One thing about your statement I do find funny,

"it is quite perplexing how someone who thinks the constitution is a piece of fiction written by dead white men could stumble upon this website and decide to stick around."

The constitution was, without a doubt, written by dead white people. It also is an opinion of our rights as humans, not a scientific argument based on experimentation, and must be taken for what it is, a very persuasive piece of fiction that sometimes designates how our laws are created and enforced. Nothing more, it has no properties that can undoubtedly prove that the natural rights it says we have, actually exist.