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It didn't

That's because natural rights don't exist. If they did, those natural rights would have protected them. If I lost my life in that fashion, I think that I would wish that I had figured out what was going on sooner, and I would have fled the country with nothing and tried to start a new life somewhere else. That being said, many of the victims would still never had that option. No amount of violence would have protected those poor souls who lost there lives by one of the worst humans to ever walk the planet, Hitler.

Now, violence, in the end remedied some of the situation that occurred; but it did not change minds. There are still dumb, jew-hating, morons all over the world. Killing them will make no difference, because they teach their offspring the same silly illogical nonsense that caused their own bigotry. Educating them as to why jewish people are the same as the rest of us is the only solution.