Comment: Im beginning to agree Mr. OP.

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Im beginning to agree Mr. OP.

Im beginning to agree Mr. OP. At first I thought they would trumpet this one far and wide to our disadvantage and use it to help grab guns.

This does not seem to be the case. Alex Jones' pissed off rant only sits well with other people who are pissed off and makes him look like a nut to the rest. However given the amount of people who seem to be taking his side, perhaps there are a lot more people pissed off than apathetic on this issue. Apparently more people have awoken than we imagined, because he seems to be getting a lot more cheers than jeers.

Maybe it is time to drop the civility act and start getting mad as hell that our rights are being stripped by would-be control freak collectivists who are trying to enslave us infront of our own eyes.

The 2nd amendment is the one that makes the others possible. This is the line in the sand, and we cannot give it up. If that means getting mad, then so be it.